Cynnsarill: The Drowning City

The Botanical Gardens

The next morning

After leaving Jesra’s house the party went home to rest and recover, except for Xtuk who went drinking with Big Sunny and used charm person to take advantage of a random bar goer.

The next morning Reilly spoke with Mother Maru. She rose out of the large pool in the back of her chambers and welcomed him. She praised him for his bravery but warned him to temper it with caution. She told him he must be very careful not to lose his mask again and asked him to continue his line of investigation.

Bogug returned to the palace for his butlering duties and to see if he hadbeen missed. While walking down a long hall of paintings a noble woman yelled at him and told him that she had asked him for a drink five minutes ago. When he went to the kitchen to fetch it another bullywug was hurrying out with a drink in hand.

At Jesra’s House

They met up at Jesra’s house and she explained to the party that the Witch Queen had given her a list of ingredients to collect for her. Many were rare and she had been having trouble finding them. The witch queen imprisoned her husband in a painting as an incentive to find them quicker. She asked the party if they would help her find the rest of the ingredients for payment.

1- A lead vial (found)
2- Nightshade oil (found)
3- Honey (Which was in the box Gram had. There are no bees in the city, honey is rare)
4- A mandrake root
5- a cockatrice beak
6- mercury
7- Corpsecap mushrooms (only grow in tombs)
8- A Ghostmaw egg (a type of aquatic creature)
9- A Medusa’s Heart

The party accepted her offer and would be paid 500g to find Mandrake root, the next item on the list. Jesra suggested checking the ruins of the city’s botanical gardens. The ruins of several of the city’s landmarks were outside the city proper in Flotsam, the floating slums of the city. She warned the party that mandrake roots scream loud enough to kill anyone who pulls them up so they may wish to find a way to pull it up from the distance or someone who can’t hear. The party considered getting Steadings the lazy halfling store clerk to pull it up. They also considered finding a dying person to help. Finally they decided to try to find a deaf person.

The party talked to Gram who was resting upstairs. He apologized for the inconvenience of having to save him. The party told him he should leave his wife, but he said everything was fine and she doesn’t get out much. He explained that he finally found the honey through a Bullywug named Glum who is an expert at finding things in Flotsam. He suggested talking to him at the Motley Mermaid Tavern by the waterfront.

Bogug and Xtuk posted an ad in the Lost and Found looking to hire a deaf person to accompany them to the botanical gardens but no one was desperate enough to go. Reilly met up with Glum at the Motley Mermaid who offered to help them find a deaf person and take them to the Gardens for 50g. He explained he could find anything or anyone in Flotsam if it was there.

Reilly also tried to talk to Old Scott, a mariner who washed up in the city years ago. No one talks to him because people from outside the city are considered bad luck. He continued to drink alone in the corner, staring into his glass wistfully.


The party left for the Botanical Gardens the next morning. In Flotsam, the city’s slums, there is no dry land and people live on rafts and boats. Most of the bullywugs in the city live out there as well as some gypsies. It is ever changing as people lift anchor at night so monsters don’t crawl up the chains. The ruins of the city’s Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Museum, Library and Park are located in Flotsam.

Glum pulled out a box containing several shiny beetles. He dumped them out onto the raft and chanted under his breath. The beetles began to walk in strange patterns as he watched them for several minutes. Then he said he had found a deaf person for them and started rowing. Bogug asked him in Frog what he was doing. He explained it was a divination spell his grandfather taught him.

On the way there they passed Big Sunny on the docks having a punching contest with the other dock workers. Reilly wanted in, bets were placed and he knocked over Big Sunny! She blamed it on her hangover and patted him on the back. Xtuk was disappointed and asked if she could help get his money back. She cracked her giant knuckles and said to get Reilly to come out drinking with them one night.

Glum took the party past the gardens to some brightly covered boats with covered cabins on them. They heard singing and dancing as they approached. A teenage Gypsy girl was seated on the edge of her boat playing the violin with her eyes closed. She had big curly brown hair. Glum said this was the person they were looking for. They asked her if she was deaf and could read lips. She nodded. They wondered how she could play violin so well when she couldn’t hear. They told her they would pay her to come with them to the gardens. She thought for a moment and nodded and went inside the boats cabin. They heard a very one sided conversation with an old lady. The party noticed a crack in the side of the boat. They gypsy girl came back out with the old woman who said “Take good care of my Luministra” with tears in her eyes.



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